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Alfamarine Boat Charter is based in the wonderful bay of Seiano in Vico Equense.
As well as boasting many years of experience in mooring and storage, we provide a range of yachting services, as charter and hire of boats up to 12 meters, offering full day tours to the marvellous islands of Capri and Procida or to the “divine” Amalfi Coast.

Our fleet consists of only and exclusively “gozzi” of the sorrento tradition. With this choice we want to honour the tradition of our land, a leading manufacturer of these particular boats, and bring to life our customers experience in close contact with the seafaring history of the sorrento peninsula.

You can rely on a strong team of its expertise acquired over the years, always available for every need, that with passion and attention to details, will make your day aboard memorable and really safe!

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